KOU TEA REVIEW – A Detailed Insight into The Most Sought After Green Tea Product

Kou Tea Green Tea


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Kou Tea Green Tea



  • Lose up to 5 pounds a week
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Prevent your body from storing excess fat
  • Get rid of the already contained fat speedily
  • Kicks your metabolism into overdrive

Used for

  • Lose up to 20 pounds of weight per month
  • Extreme Body Fat Burning
  • Removes harmful free toxins
  • Power of 4 world’s most potent teas
  • 100% Natural and 100% Organic


Kou Tea is a unique concoction of four different types of available teas that complement each other and provides a number of health benefits to its users. Unlike other brands of slimming tea, Kou tea is a bit innovative and stands out because of its perfect blend of variation. In today’s world, because of the growth of fast food industry people have become extremely unhealthy, thanks to their incessant consumption of junk and unhealthy edibles. The only way people think they can be fitter, healthier and slimmer is by burning calories and working out. That is not completely untrue but alongside, people should also concentrate on enhancing their metabolism rate.

By increasing the metabolism rate one can burn more calories easily and relish junk food once in a while as well. Kou tea magnifies on this point and helps its users increase their metabolism rate to the core; making them feel more energized and youthful. This concoction of four different teas namely Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-Erh Tea and White Tea can be considered a recipe for a perfectly healthy lifestyle. It is not only a supplement for weight loss but also a key to gain various health benefits without any side effects. Kou tea is one of the most trusted brands of slimming tea that can change your life completely.

How Safe is Kou Tea?

Kou Tea Green Tea

Since kou tea is a mixture of different kinds of tea, it is a 100% natural product with zero side effects. It not only helps in weight reduction but also provides a number of other health advantages like instant and long lasting energy, younger looks, better digestive system and much more. This special tea is packed with anti-oxidants that help improve the immune system and defend the body from aging and harmful radicals. Various experiments and checks have proven that Kou Tea has no side effects.

Furthermore, this tea also helps in reducing the chances of having cancer and other harmful diseases. It assures its users a slim as well as fit body and never fails to fulfil its promise. The various customer reviews are a testament to this safe and perfect product that every person should use in order to stay fit using natural means. People prefer to use allopathic methods to fix their health problems and reduce fat but instead, they should shift to a much more natural product to keep them fitter and in good shape. Kou Tea is a safe and tested FDA product that anyone can use without fearing any side effects.

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How Does KouTea Works?

Kou Tea doesn’t work like a magic wand and reduce weight over night; it is a process that aims at increasing the metabolism rate of one’s body gradually with time that helps in burning fat. You can consume and enjoy it just like a normal cup of tea. Having a minimum of one cup daily and a maximum of two cups daily would be sufficient to make way for a healthier body. The key to reducing weight through this tea is by preparing it perfectly. It is wise to use hot water and not boiled water as boiled water may damage certain enzymes of the tea. Over brewing can also damage the taste of the tea. You can use a sweetener or honey if you like the tea to taste sweet. The tea works because of its exclusive blend of four different teas:

  1. The green tea helps in increasing metabolism and weight reduction.
  2. The oolong tea has special elements which help in controlling fat metabolism by stopping midnight cravings and craving to have junk food.
  3. Pu –erh tea helps in the improvement of the digestive system and brings down the blood cholesterol levels.
  4. Lastly, the white tea helps in burning fat and boosting one’s energy.


All of these four components of the Kou Tea work together as per their commitment to the customers. You can easily lose up to 5 pounds in just about 2 weeksby drinking Kou green Tea on a daily basis.

Benefits of Kou Green Tea

If you love hogging over junk food and relaxing all day on your couch then the only product that can naturally save your body from negatively deforming is Kou tea. But, that will also require you to reduce the intake of junk food, because only an honest effort could help you satisfy your cause of weight loss.

One of the safest green products, Kou Tea provides a long list of benefits without any harmful side effects. This marvellous blend of different teas has revolutionized the process of growing thin. You just need to sip and enjoy a cup of tea daily and all the magic will happen on its own over time. The benefits that one can enjoy by drinking this tea are:

Increased Metabolism Rate: Kou tea helps in increasing the metabolism rate and energizing the body. The best way to reduce fat is not by just burning calories but by increasing the metabolism rate. By doing this one’s body is able to burn an enormous amount of fat and not worry about calories.

Increased Energy: The blend of various types of tea help in energizing the body and makes people less lethargic. They feel happier and are more willing to do different activities.

Weight Loss: By just drinking this tea one can lose over 5 pounds in just over two weeks. This weight loss is not temporary as the weight is lost in a natural manner without undertaking any major lifestyle changes. Such weight loss is for good.

Reduces Cravings: Especially made to curb one’s cravings, Kou Tea helps in maintaining fat metabolism at par. The one thing that is a reason for gaining weight is our endless midnight cravings for ice creams, burgers, pizzas and more leftover food. This tea eliminates this craving and helps in weight reduction.

Greater immune system: Different enzymes in these teas help one develop a much stronger immune system. The contained enzymes help you defend your body from various diseases, aging problems, reduce the cholesterol level of the body, hence making it much healthier.

Ingredients of Kou Tea

The Kou Tea is a blend of four different types of tea that are hand harvested from a single plant species known as “Camellia Sinensis”. Even though they are harvested from the same species, each type of tea plays a different role in the weight reduction process. This tea is all natural and free from artificial flavours and chemicals. It’s least processed which prevents the ingredients from being damaged and keeps the tea natural. These teas mainly aim at weight loss but sometimes the weight loss may vary due to different lifestyles and health habits. The different types of tea are:Kou Tea Green Tea

Green Tea – It is popularly known as a powerful slimming agent that helps reduce fat and increases the immune system. It is packed with anti-oxidants compounds that help in fighting the fat and defends the body against free radicals. These anti-oxidants energize the body and make one’s skin look radiant. Green tea is also known as an anti-obesity tea.

Kou Tea ingredient - white teaWhite Tea – White Tea is the reason behind the amazing subtle taste full of flavours in Kou Tea. It is the second best-selling tea in the world due to its taste and health benefits. This tea contains a very special compound known as polyphenol that helps in reducing the blood cholesterol levels and prevents various heart-related diseases. Moreover, white tea also helps in curbing one’s hunger and restoring fluid balance in one’s body. It is one the ingredients of Kou Tea that helps us detoxify our body.

Kou Tea ingredient - oolong teaOolong Tea – Kou Tea’s Oolong tea extracts are processed very carefully thereby preventing its oxidants from being damaged. This tea helps in reducing weight, mental alertness, reducing stress, keeping the mind and body happy and in lowering the bad cholesterol of the body. It infuses additional energy to your body and is full of different vitamins.

Kou Tea ingredient - pu-erh teaPu-erh Tea – This tea found in southern China is incorporated in Kou Tea to improve one’s digestive system. It is said to cure digestive problems and enhance the functions of the stomach. In China, it is often used to undo alcohol consumption. Furthermore, it helps in increasing the metabolism rate, better the blood circulation and eye sight. It acts as a major detoxifying agent in Kou Tea.

How to use Kou Tea

What to Expect from Kou Tea?

Kou Tea, unlike other slimming tea products, is not limited to just weight loss. When one starts using the product they can expect various things. The product works differently for different users depending on their lifestyle, eating habits and so on. But some results that all the users can expect are:

More energy – Kou tea uses a blend of different types of tea to increase metabolism and burn fat to produce more energy in one’s body. It not only boosts the energy in one’s body but also makes them feel refresh and happy.

Fewer Health Problems – Kou tea helps in strengthening one’s immunity power and thereby reducing health problems. It reduces the cholesterol level in one’s body there by reducing the chances of various heart-related diseases. Furthermore, it helps to prevent other harmful diseases like cancer, oestrofluosis and so on.

Weight loss – One can expect to lose about 5 pounds in over a week. However, the weight loss may vary from person to person. While some may reduce up to 20 pounds in just over a month someone might struggle to lose 5 pounds over a month. The product works differently for different users but it does result in weight loss and a healthier lifestyle for all its users.

No side effects – Kou Tea is a cent percent natural product without any artificial flavour or chemicals. Due to their pure composition, they have no harmful side effects. So the users can expect safety when they use this product. If you wish to reduce weight without having any commitment, using Kou Tea is always a better choice as it helps in weight reduction without any side effects. It is similar to drinking a cup of tea every day.

Relaxed body – Kou tea contains oolong tea which helps in reducing stress and relaxing the body. Kou Tea not only concentrates on reducing weight but focuses on making the person happier and healthier. The users can expect to be more relaxed and less stressed. They can expect to have better concentration power and blood circulation in the body.


  • Kou tea is manufactured by one of the most trusted health companies, RDK Globals.
  • It contains only natural products and claims to produce zero side effects to the body.
  • It can make the body stronger in terms of immunity and digestive system.
  • It can protect the body from various harmful diseases that otherwise may kill a person.
  • People who do not trust allopathic measures to reduce weight can feel safe and secure while using this product.
  • It helps in boosting the energy level of the body and keeping a person happy.
  • It provides good customer service making the users feel more satisfied with the product.



  • It is not available everywhere like normal tea in the local convenient stores. You can order it online from the link above.
  • It can be harmful to people having allergies to tea or coffee. Anyone having health problems should consult a doctor before using such a product.
  • It needs to be prepared very cautiously. If the water is boiling instead of hot it can damage the ability of the tea to help in reduction of weight.
  • All in all Kou Tea, unlike other slimming tea, is a natural product that offers more positives than negatives. It can be a life changer for some people while it might not be that effective for others.


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Why Choose Kou tea?

There are so many brands that promise weight loss through a cup of tea then why choose Kou Tea? Well, Kou Tea is a perfect choice as it is a complete package for an individual. It makes you look young and thin, gives you more energy and keeps you happy, makes your immune system strong and reduces the risk of various harmful diseases. It is not like any other ordinary tea that can be found at the local stores. It’s a premium product made by blending different ingredients together in accurate amounts and is a hundred percent natural. It has no side effects except when someone has allergies.

So now you better know why you should choose Kou Tea. Indeed, it gives you everything you expect from it and keeps you healthy. Moreover, it is filled with nutrients and essential vitamins that are an essential requirement of your body. It has no artificial chemicals or harmful fillers incorporated in it. It’s completely backed by science and various experiments and it also provides great results without any workout or special diet. It also guarantees that you can lose up to 20 pounds a month. Therefore, Kou Tea is the best and ultimate formula for weight loss for the present generation, and it’s a choice that no one can go wrong with.

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How is it Different from Other Teas?

All slimming teas are the same and give the same promise to help us reduce weight. What makes Kou Tea different? Well, Kou Tea stands out among all these different teas because of its special blend of four types of tea. This blend makes it a complete package that provides weight reduction, metabolism booster, hunger suppressant and more energy in just one cup of tea every day. Furthermore, this tea is manufactured by one of the best pharmaceutical company RDK Globals that is known around the globe for its excellent products. This makes Kou Tea even more special.

Instant benefits

Unlike other tea brands, KouTea aims at providing an all over healthy and fit body and not just weight reduction. Its ingredients are highly effective in:

  1. Boosting energy
  2. Increasing metabolism
  3. Reducing cravings
  4. Enhancing immunity power
  5. Improving digestive system.


In addition, it also defends the body from aging and provides various essential vitamins. It reduces the cholesterol levels unlike other teas and prevents the body from various heart diseases. None of the other slimming teas are this natural, pure and offer so many positives. Kou tea can change your life in just about a month by making you healthier, fitter and happier.


From the above-mentioned advantages of Kou Tea, one can easily ascertain the reason behind its global popularity. No wonder, it develops a healthy lifestyle for its users, reduces weight appreciably and helps you flaunt a fitter body. It lets you to lead a healthier Life by simply sipping on a lip smacking beverage.

Various customer reviews available online are a testament to this excellent life changing product. So, what are you waiting for? Order your pack today! If you place bulk orders you can as well avail additional discount. Hence, be smart and order Kou Tea today and infuse a positive attitude in your life forever!

Kou Tea Customer Reviews

I almost gave up while longing to decrease the fat of my belly. I must thank KouTea to enable me regain the confidence in me. Within few months, I have already shed off too many pounds that is no less than a miracle for a fatty like me. Yes, of course I will continue to make it an essential part of my diet and will recommend it for all those fed up with weight loss misery.

John, UK

 Another customer says:

Having already been deceived by the weight loss pills, I was at first somewhat shaky about using Kou Tea. I was like, “if a pill could not do it, how come a teabag would”. But this tea proved me wrong, it really works positively!

Maria, Canada

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