Which is the Best Green Tea to Lose Weight Easily

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KouTea Contains Powerful Green Tea

The American journal of clinical nutrition states that green tea extract creates a significant increase in energy expenditure – the measure of metabolism – and has a significant effect on fat oxidation. This has a direct impact on weight loss goals.

In the study, 4% overall increase in a 24 hour energy expenditure was seen, but extra energy use took place during the daytime. By consuming green tea extract, your body is burning 35 to 43% increased daytime energy – This super chargers your weight loss abilities!

Green tea has been linked to removing harmful free radicals or toxins from the body too. This may help to prevent cancer and heart disease in some people.

Kou Tea Contains Oolang Tea

Another tea is KouTea is Oolang tea. In a study done by Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland, participates drank eight 4 cups of Oolang tea or 4 cups of water for three days. Those who drank tea had a 4% greater energy expenditure. They burned 67 more calories a day than previously. Oolang tea drinkers had 12% higher fat oxidation rate than water drinkers – Oolang Tea helped them to use energy faster and burn fat at a higher percentage.

Oolang tea is packed with nutrition, including vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Add to that the important nutrients of folic acid, manganese and calcium and this tea is a great source of nutrients your body needs to fight out a variety of ailments.

KouTea Contains Pu-erh Tea

Japanese researchers working through the Fukuoka University showed that Pu-erh Tea promotes weight loss, in a study, 18 overweight subjects drank Pu-erh Tea for a period of 12 weeks and other did not. Those who drank it three times per day lost more weight than those who did not. Four weeks later, the weight stayed off ! Pu-erh tea is an ideal choice for those who want to boost their cardiovascular health too. It’s very effective at lowering blood cholesterol levels while also working to increase blood circulation.

KouTea Contains White Tea

In a study published out of Beuersdorf AG, Germany, researchers found that drinking white tea is a natural way to boost weight loss from fat. The study showed that white tea extract inhibits the generation of new fat cells – it stops the creation of fat cells. Even better, it stimulates fat mobilization. This means it zaps fat!

If you want a tea that’s good for you and can help you in all of these ways, Kou Tea is the best possible product for your needs.

More Benefits of KouTea!

Why should you choose KouTea over other types?

  1. Our teas are good for you. They are packed with the nutrition your body needs.
  2. Our teas are perfect for weight loss goals because they kick your metabolism into overdrive.
  3. Kou Tea is good tasting too. It is a great choice for any time of the day.
  4. You can see many of the health benefits from our tea just by drinking two cups of a tea per day. Our 60-pack provides you with plenty of cups of tea for full month!
  5. Our teas are made from the finest ingredients. You can count on us to provide you with only the finest teas – the best ingredients go into each one of our teas. They do not sit on the shelf for months like those at your grocery store do.
  6. KouTea is simple to use for weight loss benefits – you do not have to go to the gym to work out. You do not need to spend your hard earned money on a new meal plan. You don’t even have to change your diet. There’s no need for you to give up your favorite foods to lose with.

This is no ordinary tea – KouTea is a special blend of 4 of the most potent, proven teas that deliver fat burning, metabolism boosting ability to your body – It works easily, too!

To gain the benefits KouTea has to offer, you just need to remember to drink it – that’s it!

  • 60 Bags of KouTea’s unique blend
  • 2g of KouTea in each bag – the perfect amount for a potent, tasty tea
  • Only select tea leaves are used to create our blend of tea

To get the health benefits of weight loss, improved immunity, stronger tea, lower cholesterol and other factors, consume as much KouTea as you can.

We recommend drinking at least two cups of KouTea each day to see the significant improvement in your health. To boost your improvements even further, be sure to combine KouTea with a healthy, low fat diet and exercise on a daily basis. KouTea can give you the support and energy you need to get results from your workouts!

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