Tava Green Tea for Weight Loss – Reviews and Results

Tava Green Tea


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Tava Green Tea



  • Burns around 2.5 times more calories
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Improves metabolic rate appreciably
  • Strengthens to your immune system
  • Is safe to use

Used for

  • Shed off around 4 to 16 lbs in one month
  • High anti oxidants
  • Removes harmful free toxins
  • Power of 3 world’s most potent teas
  • 100% Organic weight loss tea


Tava Green Tea – Review and Results

Are you gaining weight rapidly and want to curb it down to your original size? Are you fed up with the inability to perform certain activities due to increased weight? Do you want to be fit in your favorite jeans and t-shirt again? If yes, then here is something interesting just for you in the disguise of Tava Tea, the ancient Chinese tea that casts a magical spell on your body. Can’t believe? Just read out..!

General Practices for Weight Loss

Lose weight easily with Tava teaYou often try too hard to transform your weight loss regime into a successful one. Practices like cutting off on your diet, exercising more than usual, consuming weight loss pills, and more are among the common ones that you start following strictly. However, do all these methods really work for your cause? Despite your exceptional efforts, it is likely that you are still struggling in burning your fat and lose that extra flab. A fruitful solution in this regard is to find solace in a green tea, which contains effective ingredients to keep a check on your weight. Notably, Tava Tea is the best among all such green teas.


What is Tava Tea?

It is a high quality, unique and organic weight loss tea, which is made from the specially chosen blend of three ancient Chinese teas, Wuyi Cliff Olong, Puerh and Sencha. It helps you say goodbye to excess weight and strengthens your heart and bones. If you are already in the habit of drinking tea then Tava tea is perhaps the easiest you could ever adopt for quick fat loss. Let’s know how it works and review its various aspects right here.

Tava Tea

How Does Tava Tea work?

Tava green tea works far efficiently than a single green tea or other tea blends. When consumed in the suggested quantity on regular basis it curbs down your desire to take snacks in between the meals. This in turn leads you to eat comparably lesser calories and hence contributes in your weight loss motive. The presence of Polyphenols, especially Catechines in huge levels in the tea further makes it beneficial. One of the highly potent Catechins called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is an important constituent of the Tava tea and is found in appreciable quantity.

Catechins also serve as powerful antioxidants and play an important role in curbing the growth of free radicals that could damage the body along with the age. As per the reports from scientific studies, it was found that people drinking Wuyi Cliff Oolong teas generate better tendency to resist such ailments against those drinking water or ordinary green tea. Another important constituent of this ancient Chinese green teal is Theophylline. It acts as mild diuretic and is effective in stimulating the metabolism.

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Side Effects of Tava Tea

side effects of tava teaWhile the tea makes up for a whale of benefits, it also accompanies minor side effects, such as:

  • It does not suppress your appetite
  • It does not indicate the rate at which you will weight loss
  • Merely drinking Tava Green Tea is not sufficient; you will require following a healthy diet alongside to lose weight


Benefits of Tava Tea

To conclude our review about Tava Tea, let us know some of its instant benefits:

  • Burns around 2.5 times more calories as compared to ordinary green tea
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Contains important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Improves metabolic rate appreciably
  • Clears your skin and gives strength to your immune system
  • Is safe to use


Results of Tava Green Tea

To start with, you can drink 3-4 cups of Tava Tea on daily basis and increase your quantity to the prescribed 6 cups every day. As per the makers of the tea, you can shed off around 4 to 16 lbs in one month with the intake of 6 cups daily. So, what are you waiting for? Just try Tava Tea and notice the difference yourself Kara (3-8-15)!


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